Megalophone [T.I.M]

[T.I.M. Temporal Imaginary Machine]

TIM is a Megalophone. A Megalophone is a giant ridiculous instrument that looks better than it sounds and thinks its more important than you. You might recognize TIM by his glowing eyes and gaping mouth. His head is the only part emerging from the ground. He is a trash conglomerate made of scraps and tubes and computer parts. Wires are going in and out of his head, and at night you can see the pulsing lights of his synapses. If you approach TIM, take a mallet from his side and gently bang on his musical teeth. If you can squeeze inside his mouth without getting cut by his teeth, take a seat inside.
The Megalophone was awarded a 2018 Honorarium grant from the Burning Man Arts organization and was exhibited at the Burning Man event “I-Robot” from August 28 – September 3, 2018. TIM was also seen at SF Decompression 2018 and the East Bay Mini Maker Faire in Oakland, California in October of 2018.